The Color of Wine Presents: Glenn Murray, Founder of Wine Crawl USA

In this seventh episode of our fourth season we had the pleasure of speaking with Glenn Murray, Founder of Wine Crawl! In our conversation we talked about:

  • Communion
  • Knowing your Ministry
  • Distribution
  • So much more!

Glenn’s Bio

Glenn Murray has leveraged all he learned in corporate America and is using it to fuel his entrepreneurial endeavors He is the founder of 220 Communications, a growing company with divisions in marketing, publishing, music and” social awareness” and Wine Crawl USA . Murray has held strategic positions in the top U.S. companies including General Electric, Leo Burnett, Sears, Discover and Master Card in the payments arena. He has developed created and managed major payments programs in credit prepaid campus and payroll cards His desire to become an entrepreneur and apply what he had learned as a marketing professional in the corporate world led him to create 220 Communications, started strictly as an events company it grew to include divisions in book publishing, experiential marketing, consulting and music distribution.

Wine Crawl is private wine tour in select cities that includes trips to popular wine bars, wineries and restaurants. Originating as a one-time event, it proved so popular that the Crawl expanded to spring summer and fall crawls and from Chicago to other cities including an annual “destination crawl” to Napa Valley. The crawls now combine gourmet food, fine wine and other guilty pleasures along the journey. Wine Crawls are regularly held in Chicago, Atlanta, Napa, other cities and even include a destination trip to Rome in the near future.

How The Idea Began:

While traveling to Napa in 2012 for a wine country tour we stumbled upon what we thought was a great idea. “How does one provide the same wine tour experience in a big city setting?” While Chicago may not share the Napa Valley landscape (or the great year round weather) one thing Chicago does have is a host of great food and wine venues. That is the focus of “The Crawl”. Think an upscale wine and food crawl for foodies and wine lovers as well as those wanting to learn more about food and wine. Combining that with chartered transportation, giving attendees a full day of visits to popular restaurants sampling menu items and wine pairings. Not just the “name” locations are visited. “We search the neighborhoods for the hidden gems, the ethnic foods that the city is known for and much more. We wanted to “disrupt” the idea of a crawl from being a drunken excursion down the street to a more appealing casual, Saturday afternoon gourmet food and wine tour.”


The Crawl has been successful with events held every quarter since March 2013, we see people celebrating birthdays, romantic weekends, or just “out of towners” looking for a fun excursion.

Private Crawls for Every Occasion:

A few years ago, the company began adding custom private crawls for corporate and special group events. If you are interested in having us create a custom wine crawl for your group, please send an email to with your name, location, target date, and a few details about your group and size. We will respond promptly.

The Last Five Sips:

  1. If money were no object, what bottle of wine would you splurge on and why? – I would hire a Wine Broker to find the most expensive bottle of vintage Champagne.
  2. Who would you love to share a bottle with, living or deceased? Wine – Barak Obama Spirits – Lenny Kravitz and Bono
  3. What are some of the things you do or read to keep up to speed on what is happening in the wine industry? Wine Spectator, Love and Vines, Cuisine Noir and Google Searches
  4. What advice would you give you your 22 year old self? Leave that girl alone! Save more, Patience, Plan more for the long term
  5. When you finish your day and sit down with your favorite glass of wine, what is on your music playlist? Sade, 90’s R&B, Hip Hop (in the car)

How you can connect with Glenn on Social Media:


Facebook: @winecrawl-privatewinetour

Instagram: @winecrawlusa

Twitter: @winecraw


Resource Links:

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