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Sauvignon Blanc Blossoms in the Snow

My Mom likes Phoebe Snow so when we were in Blue Ridge, GA and she saw the album for $2, we bought it. I know the song that everyone else knows “Poetry Man” but other [...]

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Miles, Movies and Zinfandel

In my quest to build my vinyl collection, I am doing quite a bit of research on the internet and talking to folks about their love of music. Music is definitely something that brings us [...]

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I’m at a Wine Tasting, What do I do next?????

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Artist of the Week- Lianne LaHavas 01/04-01/10

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HUV5a7MgS4   Lianne La Havas arrived in the early 2010s with a mostly acoustic and hushed hybrid of alternative folk and soul. The singer, songwriter, and guitarist was born and raised in London, England, [...]

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Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast……..

Yes! It is the most important meal of the day and why not enjoy it to the fullest! During the week, my breakfast consists of what I call "Sludge".  It's a smoothie made with spinach, [...]

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