Sauvignon Blanc Blossoms in the Snow

My Mom likes Phoebe Snow so when we were in Blue Ridge, GA and she saw the album for $2, we bought it. I know the song that everyone else knows “Poetry Man” but other than that I am not very familiar with Phoebe. When I returned home and played “Second Childhood”, it was a [...]

Miles, Movies and Zinfandel

In my quest to build my vinyl collection, I am doing quite a bit of research on the internet and talking to folks about their love of music. Music is definitely something that brings us all together and can put a smile on someone’s face, not matter what the situation. While away this weekend, I [...]

The Color of Wine is in The Classroom

Yes Way Rosè Rosè All Day Whatever you say, I love Rosè!!!!!! In this episode we give you the ins and outs of this luscious wine, from its history to the accidental creation of White Zinfandel.  Yes, White Zinfandel is Rosè! Let's take our wine snob hats off!! We hope you enjoy this episode!  Check out [...]