Cooking with Simply Nigella – Part 1

              So I am back from vacation and I want to cook!  I have not cooked (outside of eggs and toast) for the last week and I missed it.  Waking up to very chilly temperatures here in Atlanta got me wanting some comfort food.  I pulled out Nigella Lawson's [...]


My name is Sukari Bowman and I am addicted to Cookbooks!  I need to be in a support group!  I get so excited when I hear about or see a new cookbook on the shelves.  There is something about the glossy pages and all of the instructions,  oooooweeeeee, I love them.  I now realize that [...]

Wine Collection Clean Out…….

Back on October 1st, the weather turned cool.  It was the beginning of fall and I was all t0 happy to get away from the HEAT!  With fall comes full bodied red and white wines and I was soooo ready.  Then I saw it; ALL the wine I had in my wine fridge, wine cabinet [...]

Farmer’s Market…

The Weekend of Love….

Finding myself with a free weekend does not happen often!  When it does I cherish every moment.  On this particular weekend I decided to focus on the things that I love to do, in the city where I live.  Waking up early on a cool Saturday morning, with the sun shining is a prime Farmer's [...]