Happen’en To The Max……

Yeah, I am dating myself, LOL, but it is how I felt this weekend after visiting Max’s Wine Dive, TWICE! That’s right TWICE. I just could not help myself. Picture it Midtown Atlanta, 2015, a girl walks into a bar, not knowing what to expect, and finds a Dive Bar that serves up [...]

Rosè or Scotch……

Have you ever been so mad and frustrated that you could just spit???? Well, suffice it to say, I have been. The question becomes what do you when that happens?? Some folks go for a run (silly kids!), talk to a friend, meditate, pray or just stew. I happen to be that girl that pours [...]

Is It The Way We Love H.E.R

  On a hot summer evening in Atlanta, GA, two veterans took the stage. As I moved through the crowd of people at Chastain Park, I could smell the wonderful aromas of home cooked and store bought food. I could see the many floral prints of summer dresses and the bottles upon bottles [...]

Wine Block…….

So do you remember how it felt when you were assigned a paper to write and you waited until the last minute to write it?? It wasn’t that you didn’t try (no judgment here) it was just that the inspiration had not hit you, until it HAD to hit you. Well that is how I [...]

Sukari’s Saturday Night Suppers

I have watched Julie & Julia, The One Hundred Foot Journey, Chef and Big Night so many times, I know the lines and what they cooked. Not only do I love to eat, but I love to cook. I also love old movies and the fact that they dressed for dinner. There is something very [...]

Al B Sure!……No; Alvarinho

I can tell you how I feel about wine, nite and day. Yeah I said it! I could not resist. It is August all ready. The summer has flown by, which it seems to do the older we get. I decided that since it feels like the summer is almost over that I would take [...]