You Gots Ta Chill……

Oh Nuts! You get home needing some elixir from the vines and you don’t have anything chilled! What is a gal or guy to do?? First off, never leave the house without something in the fridge (I know you will remember to take a red out 30 minutes and a white 15 minutes, before you [...]

I LOVE my local Purveyors, do you have a relationship with yours??????

    When you move into a new place, you MUST have a party, even if the only folks coming are your pet and the oddly charming man child from across the hall or street. It would be completely unacceptable not to open your home and a bottle of wine. Now, with the [...]

Monday Bubbles……..

Have you ever had one of those Mondays where as soon as the alarm goes off, you pull the covers back over your head?  You are just not ready to face what lurks beyond the warmth of your bed.  As much as I want to say that I woke up to an ocean breeze and a [...]

Bridging The Gap

Hip hop was born in New York City. Since then it has spread like a wildfire around the globe. In its early days it was said to just be a fad. In time it has become 1 of 3 truly American forms of art;  jazz, rock and roll and hip hop. I grew up on the west [...]